Broccoli Crisps
Broccoli Crisps
Dare to Be Different Broccoli Crisps
Dare to Be Different Broccoli Crisps Nutrition Label

Broccoli Crisps

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A delicious low-carb snack!
Get a 6 pack for $65!

Cracker-like oven-ready crisps made with broccoli. This product comes as a 6-pack or a 12-pack, so you get lots of delicious bags of crisps shipped right to your door! 

About the product
  • ✔BROCCOLI CRISPS: Dare to Be Different Broccoli Crisps contain only 4g of carbs, 1g of sugar, and 1g of fat per serving
  • ✔GUILT FREE TREATS: Dare to Be Different Broccoli Crisps have only 15 calories and are naturally gluten-free!
  • ✔GOOD FOOD: Our low-carb, keto friendly crisps are made with simple ingredients to be gluten free, grain-free, and certified kosher!
  • ✔BETTER FOR YOU: Keto and paleo friendly, using cauliflower instead of grain gives you added fiber, antioxidants, and key vitamins
  • ✔ ARRIVES FRESH: Product is shipped in insulated packaging with cooling packs- may arrive defrosted. Designed to be refrozen or refrigerated when it arrives to your home.

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