Gluten-Free Pizza That’s Touchdown Worthy!

Gluten-Free Pizza for Your Next Football Party

Be the MVP of your next game day with gluten-free and keto-friendly pizza crusts from Dare to Be Different! Our broccoli and cauliflower based crusts are sure to keep the energy high from kickoff to the last two-minute drill.

Even better, Dare To Be Different gluten-free crusts are made with real, simple ingredients—that means zero additives and zero preservatives. Keep everyone involved in the fun, regardless of dietary restrictions. The only thing you’ll see going up on game day is the score! 

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Making Your Own Gluten-Free Pizza

Some people might be wary of the phrase “gluten-free pizza” and think that just because a pizza dough doesn’t have gluten it can’t possibly be as good as its traditional counterparts. While it’s true the gluten-free dough is a bit less stretchy than traditional pizza dough, that doesn’t mean it’s any more difficult to bake (or any less delicious to eat!)

If you’re still on the fence, here are a few tips to help your gluten-free pizza preparation:

  1. First, remember that without gluten the dough will not stretch the same. Make sure to press your dough instead of stretching it out. 
  2. Let the dough rise completely so your pizza cooks evenly. 
  3. Have your toppings at the ready so the pizza can go in the oven as soon as it is finished rising. 
  4. Same goes for the oven—preheat to the correct temperature so the dough does not wait after rising.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Dare To Be Different offers a variety of pizza options to make pre-game even easier with healthy, ready-made gluten-free and certified kosher pizzas. 

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Spice It Up With our Gluten-Free Shallot Mozzarella Pizza

Robin’s signature Shallot Mozzarella Pizza is not only gluten-free, but keto-friendly and 100% kosher to boot! Made with our Broccoli Pizza Crust base, this is a surefire hit even when the home team is losing. Click on over to our recipes page for the step-by-step instructions from the chef herself.

Pre-game stretching ran a little long? No sweat. Dare to Be Different has you covered better than a Pro Bowl cornerback with our pre-made gluten-free pizza options.

The Classic Margarita Pizza

There’s simply no beating the ever-so-versatile margherita pizza. According to legend, this classic pizza was created in Naples to honor the Italian flag (basil for the green, mozzarella for the white, tomato for the red). It’s been keeping people happy and full around the globe ever since.

Our gluten-free margherita pizza is made with a cauliflower crust and comes as a 6-pack or 12-pack. Perfect for game day sharing no matter how big your team is!

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Touchdown Roasted Tomato Broccoli

Celebrate your team's touchdown with the Roasted Tomato Broccoli Crust Pizza! Made with a broccoli crust base, this treat is not only delicious but jam-packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin K, as well as calcium, zinc, and other key vitamins. Not to mention, a whopping 8 grams of protein per serving while remaining keto friendly and low-carb.

Stock Up on Cauliflower and Broccoli Gluten-Free Pizza Crusts

Visit our online store to stock up on deliciously-simple gluten-free crusts. Find your favorite with our discounted Pizza Variety Pack available in our online store! You can also find Dare to Be Different in-store at over 200 grocers in the Tri-State Area.

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