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Gluten-Free and Keto-Friendly Snack Boards

It’s not a party until cauliflower shows up! Seriously, it’s true. While the best parties need a fun guest list and a killer soundtrack, nowadays it’s not a real throwdown until someone busts out the snackcuterie board. These modern twists on traditional appetizers are popular all across social media, but you only need one bite to understand why.

Unfortunately, many snackcuterie boards include high-calorie foods and snacks stuffed with trans fats. That’s where Dare to Be Different comes in. With the addition of our favorite cauliflower-based crisps, it’s easy to make any snackcuterie gluten-free, keto-friendly and extra delicious. 

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Snackcuterie to Get the Party Started

Nothing kicks off a dinner party like a round of savory appetizers. A variety of meats and cheeses have been used to welcome friends and family for as long as people have been invited to parties. The bonus for these savory boards is how easily they fit into a keto-friendly diet!

If you’ve tooled around Instagram or TikTok recently, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen the latest snacking showstopper: Pepperoni Roses. The hidden secret of these professional looking centerpieces? They’re incredibly easy to make. All you need is a handful of pepperonis, or other similar meat, and a wine glass. Layer the pepperoni around the edge of the wine glass, working your way towards the center. Carefully remove the meat from the glass, flip over and BAM, the circular shape of the edge will roll the meat into a shape resembling a rose.

For cheese, it’s a good rule of thumb that every snackcuterie board should have one hard (parmesan or manchego are great places to start) and one soft (we recommend brie). Now, no one wants their guests eating cheese with their bare hands, but crackers can contaminate a gluten-free diet. While gluten-free crackers are available, they’re often dry and crumbly. Our solution, so no one who’s gluten-intolerant gets left out of the fun, is our Everything Crisps. Made from cauliflower and Dare to Be Different’s own proprietary blend of seasoning, Everything Crisps add just the right amount of extra flavor to make your meats and cheeses pop.

Spice It Up for the Vegetarians

In the excitement of professional looking arrangements, it’s easy to forget that vegetarians and vegans may not be able to enjoy all of the treats laid out. Spiraling out carrots or celery sticks along the edges of a keto-friendly hummus dip is a quick fix.

To really take your vegetarian snackcuterie options to the next level, include Dare to Be Different Jalapeño Crisps into your feast. These gluten-free and grain-free crisps are a simple upgrade to plain old crackers that will wow even the most skeptical of palettes.

The Sweetest Snacks Around

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We promise we haven’t lost our minds—you should know by now we look at things a little differently around here. You would be forgiven for thinking sweet flavors and vegetable-based crisps are an unexpected combination. However, our Original Crisps are the perfect low-calorie base for dips, spreads and sugary indulgences.

The mild flavor of Original Crisps is enhanced by jellies and fruit spreads. Fig jam is a wonderfully sweet and surprisingly health-conscious addition to a sweet snackcuterie board. Skip the sugar cubes for this great source of potassium, calcium and iron.

The best snackcuterie boards don’t just taste good, they look good, too! An easy way to pump up the aesthetics is to include as many different colors as possible. Incorporating trendy Nutella-stuffed Strawberries is a sneaky way to add a pop of red to your snackcuterie.

Bring Dare to Be Different Home!

Looking for simple, yet delicious appetizers for all your friends and family? Visit our online store to stock up on plant-based crisps and crusts. Or, take a spin through a few of Robin’s favorite recipes on our blog for inspiration!

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