The Best Gluten-Free Summer Recipes with Dare to Be Different

Simple Meals That Will Kick Your Summer Cookin Up A Notch 

Summer is the best time of year. There, we said it! Kids are out from school, everyone is ready for a good time, and the extra daylight doesn’t hurt. To make sure everyone has the energy for all these activities, it’s important to provide healthy snacks and nutritious meals all summer long. With fresh produce bursting from every corner of the local grocery store, it is much easier to whip up exciting, inventive, kosher-friendly, and gluten-free summer recipes than you would think!

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Fresh Produce in Season

Summer is the height of the growing season. There is no matching the taste of crisp, fresh produce straight from the local farm stand or farmer’s market. Take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity with simple recipes that let the ingredients speak for themselves. We’ve pulled together a little list of some popular produce that should be on your table during midsummer get-togethers.

Berries, Berries, Berries
Wiping a little sweat off your brow while reaching down to pick fresh berries (and sneaking a few from the carton on your way home) is practically a summer rite of passage. It’s easy to get fresh strawberries during the summer and even easier to get juicy blueberries—with blueberries commercially grown in 38 states across the country, you’re never far from a freshly picked batch.
Peaches Down in Georgia
Justin Bieber and Lynyrd Skynyrd have been promoting Georgia peaches like they’re going out of style, but the Peach State doesn’t even crack the top 3 peach producers in the country. Don’t be afraid to whip up a fresh peach salad if you’re in California, South Carolina, New Jersey (the top producers).
The Wonders of Watermelon
Watermelon patches pop off all the way from May to September, but you’ll want to double check when the season picks in your area. With a nod to our Mediterranean roots, there are few combinations more surprising and refreshing than a kosher-friendly watermelon feta salad!
Tomato Time
Tomatoes are possibly the most iconic summertime produce. Crisp, juicy and just slightly acidic, tomatoes are the perfect addition to sandwiches and salads of all kinds. B.L.T.? Sure. Gluten-free summer Sun Dried Tomato and Spinach Gnocchi? Don’t mind if we do!
Aw, Shucks
This couldn’t be a roundup of gluten-free summer recipe ingredients if we didn’t include corn on the cob! There are a million ways to use this classic North American cereal grain (did you know corn is technically a grain and not a vegetable?), but our favorite is throwing them on the grill until they’ve been charred a wonderful dark color to bring out that natural sweetness.
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Light, Refreshing Gluten-Free Summer

When you’re running to the lake, chilling at the beach, or hiking in the mountains during the summer, the last thing you want is to be weighed down by a heavy meal. Topping Dare to Be Different Crisps and Crusts with fresh produce is an easy way to stay light on your feet.

These gluten-free cauliflower and broccoli based products are practically begging for summer flavors. Adding minced onions and celery to your tuna salad will add miles of dimension to your meal without any artificial sugars or preservatives. Another little trade secret—a dab of relish or chopped apples can make that tuna salad sing even more sweetly.

One of our favorite hacks is to bake a Dare to Be Different cauliflower crust and then cut it up into triangles. These are perfect for dipping in homemade hummus or, if you’re feeling extra fancy, some tasty tabbouleh.

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Robin’s Cookbooks

If you’ve used up all the charcoal for your grill, better make a run to the store to refuel because the fun is just getting started. Beyond the collection of simple, easy recipes available on our website, Robin Jemal, Chef and Creator of Dare to Be Different, is also a dedicated author. You can learn all her secrets from the official Dare to Be Different cookbook and then beat the heat by kicking up the spice level with the sequel, Turning Up the Heat.

Both cookbooks are filled with dozens of recipes that have been tirelessly taste tested by Robin and her family (not that we’re complaining!)

Fuel Your Summer Fun with Dare to Be Different

Looking to feed friends and family with dietary restrictions this summer? Visit our online store to stock up on deliciously simple gluten-free crisps and crusts. Or, take a spin through a few of Robin’s own favorite recipes on our blog for even more inspiration!

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