Make Your Summer Cookout Gluten-Free

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Best Gluten-Free Burgers to Make this Year Different

Decades of advertising and Saturday Evening Post covers have made summer synonymous with the union of family and food. Especially when that food is a good old fashioned burger. We’ve come a long way from the first hamburger sandwich served just down the road in New Haven, Connecticut. Over the years, ingenious professional and amateur chefs have added their own twists to the original combination of steak trimmings between two slices of bread.

We’ve added onions to the patty, melted cheese on top and…whatever this is. However, vegetarians are invariably left out in the quest for summertime perfection. And if you’re looking for a gluten-free or kosher cheeseburger? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Part of our mission at Dare to Be Different is to bring family and friends together, even if that means looking at annual traditions in a slightly different way. No one should have to sacrifice flavor and fun memories because of a dietary restriction. That’s why we’re highlighting a few additions to include in your next summertime cookout so everyone, with the help of Dare to Be Different, can join in the fun! 

Broccoli Crisp Burger Sliders

Back in the 1880s, when a cheeseburger was as foreign of a concept as an airplane, an industrious Wisconsinite named Charlie Nagreen took the first step towards what would become America’s favorite sandwich by placing a single meatball between two slices of bread. It took us about 100 years to get back to the start, but slider burgers have become all the rage once more. A slider is simply a smaller, occasionally bite size burger, that is popular at parties and as a passed h'ordeuvre.

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Sliders, with a larger meat to bread ratio, are great for many of us, but if you’re keeping keto or trying to eat gluten-free…eh, not so much. Common store bought buns and breads are high in carbohydrates making them off limits for anyone adhering to a keto-friendly diet. Not to mention, most grocery store and bakery breads are not safe to eat for people with an intolerance for gluten. Not to fear, that’s where Dare to Be Different comes in! Our Broccoli Crisps are the perfect bun substitute. Paired with Robin J.’s famous meatballs makes this slider substitution a summertime standout.

The Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Kosher Cheeseburger

“Hey now, don’t forget about us vegetarians,” you might be saying. We wouldn’t dream about it! As you may be aware, every single Dare to Be Different product is kosher, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and vegetarian-friendly. 

Keeping kosher also means that you cannot pair any meat and dairy products under any circumstances—making a true cheeseburger an impossibility. Fortunately, there are several vegetarian-friendly alternatives that you can try. First, you can opt for a patty made from portobello mushrooms. Black bean burgers are another way to approximate the size and shape of traditional hamburgers. Lastly, Impossible Foods have created a burger that tastes and cooks like a beef patty, but is made from plants. If you’re looking for a kosher loophole to finally try a cheeseburger—this is it. 

If you’re looking to turn your veggie patty into a total flavor bomb while keeping it gluten-free, try adding some sharp cheddar cheese and using Dare to Be Different Jalapeño or Everything Crisps. The extra kick from the crisps will round out the flavors without adding unnecessary carbs or sugars. 

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We want to make a small note that, especially for those of you trying to keep keto, there are certain condiments that you cannot add to your plate. It may be classic, but don’t keep ketchup to your summer cookout menu. It’s too high in sugars to maintain ketosis. However, mustard and relish are keto-friendly options that can add an extra dimension of taste to your plate!

Burger Meat Pizza

What’s even better than a cheeseburger? Well, according to Americans who rank cheeseburgers as their second-favorite food there’s only one thing better—pizza

If you want a bigger bite at the cookout, why not combine burgers and pizza for an unstoppable party in your mouth? This totally different twist on the traditional hamburger is easy with the help of Dare to Be Different Cauliflower Crust. Cook up the gluten-free crust and top with ground beef, arugula and pickles for a much healthier version of a plain ol’ cheeseburger with surprisingly similar mouthfeel. Again, you might point out that cheese and beef are not kosher together. We’ve got you covered—try our recipe for Spicy Mayo instead of mozzarella on your pizza for a new summer cookout staple.

Get Ready for Your Next Cookout with Dare to Be Different

Gathering supplies for your 4th of July or Labor Day cookout? Visit our online store to stock up on deliciously simple gluten-free crisps and crusts. Or, take a spin through a few of Robin’s own favorite recipes on our blog for even more inspiration!

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